【Notice of temporary closure (as of April 12, 2020)】

In order to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19,
Our theater will be temporarily closed for the time being.


【Measures to the Coronavirus (as of April 3, 2020)】

At Dekonaruza, we are taking measures to deal with the new coronavirus.

== About our theater's infection control measures ==

◎Disinfectants are now available at the entrance and in the theater. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.
◎We regularly remove bacteria from places where customers frequently touch such as reception counters, railings, and seats.
◎We regularly change the air in the theater.
◎In consideration of the health of both customers and staff, the staff will be wearing masks as a precautionary measure.
◎Please have a seat with enough space.

== About the performance ==

The performance at this time is as usual, but it may change depending on the future situation.
We will keep you updated on our website and SNS.

== About the rent space ==

If you want to avoid contact with other customers, we can also offer private performances.
Reservations are possible for more than 10 people.
Please do not hesitate to contact us....



Dream and Soul Performance—Dekonaru-Za

By local performers
A traditional performing arts show that combines Japanese musical instrument performances of
Japanese drums, Shinobue, and shamisen with Japanese dance, lion dance, and sword dance

The performance of our group “Dekonaru-Za” is filled with our dreams.
We will demonstrate a form of traditional performing art from Hida, Japan, which you have probably never seen before.

There is no dialogue—only the sound of drums and music from our souls.

MANGA “Dekonaru-Za”


Dekonaru-Za’s Performance

DATE > 2019.3.3~
(Mon.〜Fri. only weekday)

This is based on a myth. A long time ago, there was a kijin (fierce god) named “Ryōmen Sukuna” in Hida Province. It had two heads on one body, four arms and was 2.5 meters tall. It looked scary, but it helped the weak and was always on the side of farmers. The “Ryōmen Sukuna” god was a heroic existence who helped a lot with land development. With this god as the main theme of our performance, we portray the story with Japanese musical instruments and dance.


Performance fee



performance time


only weekday

1st 11:00〜11:45(Mon・Tue)
2nd 13:30〜14:15
3rd 17:30〜18:15
4th 19:30〜20:15(Wen・Thu・Fri)



Drummer and Japanese transverse bamboo flute player

I have been playing drums and flutes since I was in elementary school. I will try hard to so visitors abroad are glad to come. I am the only man so we are looking for performers.



I have 30 years of experience. I want visitors from abroad to watch the agile movement of Japanese sword.


Drummer and Japanese transverse bamboo flute player

I have always loved drums since I was a child, and playing daily is like a dream. I want to make everyone feel good with my performance.



I lover dancing since I was little. I will try hard to make Dekonaru more exciting.


Drummer, dancer, and Japanese transverse bamboo flute player

I want visitors from abroad to be happy that they saw our performance. I want them to experience it, and I want to be better through this performance.


Shamisen player and drummer

I have loved Shamisen since I was a child. I want to people to experience Japanese traditions and culture. Each instrument have unique sound and shape so I want them to check it out.



There has never been any entertainment like this in Hida. It will be a performance that you will never forget.


Lion dancer
Japanese drums

I want to give performances that makes people want to come back again.



I want to give performances that makes visitors from abroad come back again. Please enjoy the live performance.




3-38, Honmachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan

【EaTown Hida Takayama】

Phone : 0577-57-5788 (10:00〜18:00)



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